My mother is dead. She went out to the forest in the morning to get her food. She didn't come back even when it became dark. I kept waiting.

     She came back just as the day was about to end. She came back with a terrible wound and dragging her foot. She fell asleep as soon as she fell down. I asked her. "What happened?” But she looked so tired that she couldn't speak. When I got up in the morning, her body was cold. I was sleeping somehow. She was dead when I got up. I was sad. I thought my mother was attacked by someone in the forest.

     I went out to the forest immediately. I ran into the forest without knowing what was there or what was living. I walked into the forest and then met a little rabbit. It seemed to speak. Its name was Takuya.

The animal asked me. "Where are you going?” I answered. "My mother has died. I want to know why she died. So I go to this forest to find it.” The animal said to me with a troubled face. "This forest is dangerous, you should stop it.” But I really wanted to know why. I tried to move on. Then the animal taught me one thing. "If you walk a little along this path, you will find a small house. It is dangerous for you to walk alone. The animals there will probably go with you.” I immediately walked into the house.

     There were certainly animals in the house. When I first stepped into there, it was dark and blind. When I looked closely, I saw many crows. I tried to tell the crow my story. Then one of the many crows flew before me. Its name is Ryo. I told him why I came here. He opposed me going forward. But when I told him about her seriously, he was reluctant to follow me with his friends.

     Ryo suddenly stopped when walking together. They say they cannot go any further. They seem to have the boundaries of where they live. They never get out of their place. I was in trouble. But that's not the case. I went ahead. Ryo advised one thing. That means this forest is dangerous. He said we didn't know what was going on. To be honest, I was scared. It's scary to not know what is. The area has become darker and the point has become less visible. Then suddenly something huge appeared in front of me. I thought it was like an ogre I've seen in books a long time ago. But it was a creature I had never seen before. It had eight hands and his body was covered in a stiff shell. I confronted with the bow I had brought, but I couldn't beat it. It took out a thread from its hand. It comes to bind me. Eight hands were likely to hit my body many times. I hit a bow from a distance. However, the hands of it regenerated many times. I escaped. I ran away to the place where I was okay.

     Then something big appeared before my eyes. I thought it was ogre, but when I looked up it, there was a giraffe. Its name is Shun. It said. “Follow me.” The animals in this forest seem to speak. But I didn't know why the animals were here. I followed the animal without knowing it.

     When I walked for quite a long time, there was a hole that had a tight fit. It prompted me to enter, and I doubted anything and tried to step into the hole. Suddenly my eyes became dazzling. I closed my eyes with my hands hidden. I was so used to darkness that contact with strong light was too stimulating. As I gradually opened my eyes, there was a little girl like a fairy. She was floating in the water. She heard my story. And she gave me a piece of paper. She said that you would be okay if you had it. But she said that it should not be opened until the ogre appears in front of me. And it did something like a magic on my body.

     I believed in the paper and the magic and went to where the ogre was. I thought it was important to defeat it. It was trying to catch me by quickly pulling out the thread as if waiting for me to come. I fled for the time being. But the hand is only getting stronger. I saw a piece of paper from a fairy. There are some formulas written there. What does this formula mean? I was hiding in the shadow of a tree. I wanted to show it to the ogre anyway. When it approached me and tried to grab me with eight hands, I took out the paper and showed it to the ogre. Then mysteriously, the ogre's thread was broken apart, the eight hands shrunk, and it fell loudly behind. I had no idea what happened or why. After defeating it, I went to thank the fairy. She said. Demon is not good at calculating and hates to look at the formula. She said he hated studying in general, he didn't like calculation formulas in particular. I wasn't sure but I was able to beat the ogre anyway. The fairy gave me some medicine as I tried to leave her to move on. She said it was a medicine to revive my mother. I wanted my mother to drink it and listen what she happend.

     I took the medicine home and gave my mother to drink it. But my mother did not revive. Instead, it was turned into a human-eating ogre. I couldn't kill my mother who turned into an ogre, and I was eaten by my mother and I died. However, despite my death, my mother was in front of me. I somehow came back to life. I didn't know what had happened. My mother ate me again. I also appeared before the ogre mother. I was eaten by my mother over and over again, and she ate me over and over again.